RAFT MOC Complete

After weeks of tweaks and waiting for parts, here is the RAFT Super-max Prison (also could double as the Triskelion)

It's basically all exterior, it was built just to be a display/backdrop.


 This is the transfer/take off platform for prisoner transfer or Thunderbolts dispatch. The plate comes off for access to the conference room 

Minifigures featured:

Abigail Brand

This is the surveillance/air traffic control tower. It's it effectively a mirror build of the tower top for the Civil War Airport set.


This is the conference room/warden's office depending on mood. They have files on everyone.

Minifigures featured:

Maria Hill


This is the window of the conference room:

Minifigures featured:

Agent 13


This is the area outside the office, it's where the Thunderbolts muster before missions and where Bigfigs/Maxifig prisons are dropped off

Minifigures featured:


Radioactive Man


Doc Samson


This is the drop off platform for prisoners where they will be lead to the heart of the RAFT by corrections officers/SHIELD. 

Minifigures featured:

Purple Man


Like every Supervillain prison, this is where they escape from, ready for pickup by their cronies.

Minifigures Featured:

AIM Henchmen


This is the final visible side.

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