Sanctum Sanctorum MOC Complete-ish

Here is my Sanctum Sanctorum MOC. I actually completed this before I finished my RAFT MOC. Well.... It's about 99.9% complete. It's all exterior, built for background display. I took an Avengers Infinity War Sanctum, built the Sanctum half then disassembled it and built it from the ground up with extra parts. It is spaced out on the baseplate for integration with other modulars.

This is the front, I made it one level higher. The 1st story window is a Tie Fighter windscreen, I'm quite proud of that. Spacing out the top story was tricky, I'm still not 100% happy with it. Making it modular compatible made spacing awkward. The ground level and 1st floor were my favourite parts of the build, it was pretty much smooth sailing. I chose to go with regular tiles instead of Ingots/Bars on the ground floor as i felt that Lego's option looked a bit clunky.

This is the corner. I saved the traffic lights from the Spider-man Ghost Rider set, I knew they'd come in handy. The Bleecker St sign is from the new set as the old one was spelled incorrectly. Trying to do the corner at the bottom was leaving me puzzled so I went with this option.


This is the side, the top floor was real tricky, but I'm of the mind the "it'll do for now". Very happy with Ground, 1st and Second Floor though.

This is the left side. As you can see, built out of spare parts, the goal is for it to never be seen from the front anyway. I pretty much just built around the connection points for the modular integration.

Same for the back

This is the roof, made out of whatever black plates I had left. I'll fix it up one day. I also ran out of reddish brown 1x1 round bricks for the corner. Oh well.

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