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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (sometimes Ad Nauseam)

  • Where are you located?

The southern, cesspool, haven for criminals known as Australia.


  • What kind of printing do you use?

Pad Printing. This is the kid of printing that Lego uses. It gives the smooth, flat, crisp print that you can't get from UV or Digital printing. It costs more and takes more time to do. But you can't argue with quality. 


  • Do you ship to my country?

I ship to most countries. If yours isn't working or listed, feel free to contact the store. The easiest way is through Instagram or Facebook


  • Do you offer cheaper shipping?

At the moment unfortunately not. Australia Post currently only offers parcel shipping for international orders. But that includes tracking. Best thing to do is buy multiple products to maximise savings. You can fit up to 500grams in your order without having to pay more for shipping. That's a lot of minifigures.....


  • What characters are you going to make?

Well that would be spoiling things wouldn't it? The characters I make will predominately be Comic Book Characters in their most ICONIC looks (sometimes even a random Pop Culture Character).

Characters that Lego will most likely never release, or at least in those outfits. A, B, C and sometimes even Z-Listers. The wackier the better.

The best way to keep up to date is through InstagramFacebook or the A2Zminifigures Blog, which I will endeavor to update more often


  • Why don't you do back leg printing?

I follow the rules of Lego aesthetic. There is a certain style that lego uses for it's super heroes minifigures that I try to capture in my designs.

No back leg printing, no torso side printing, reuse of parts where it makes sense.

There are a lot of custom minifigures out there that are too over-designed and don't fit the Lego aesthetic. They are basically little statues


  • 'X' has sold out, when will you be bringing it back?
The simple answer is that I won't be. Once a product is gone, it's gone for good. 
The longer answer is that so much effort, money and time goes into these products. That means going back to a design means something new doesn't get made. As a collector, selfishly, I want new toys!

  • If I pay you, can you make 'X'?
No. Unfortunately I don't have the time to invest in commissions. It takes time, effort and money to make these products and most of the time things are planned months in advance. 
I'm a collector too. A selfish one. I want to make things I want for my collection.
Hopefully customers will want those characters in their collection too. 

  • Do you take requests?
No. I don't take requests, but I do love suggestions for characters you want to see.......unless it's another Batman, Harley Quinn, Deadpool or something someone wore for one issue.

  • Please make 'X'!
Make me!

    • When I bought this Refrigerator you they said it would fit in the room but we can't get it in the house.
    Did you measure your doors?

    • My computer isn't working, can you help?
    Have you tried turning it off and on?

    • Yes
    Are you sure?

    • Yes. Wait. Ok it's working now.

    • Who is X?
    I have no idea, but people seem to want it. Maybe I should make it.

      • Is this just a slow descent into madness?
      Why yes. I do believe it is.